Saturday, January 19, 2013

Curly Hairstyles Spring 2013

Layered and feathered hairstyles might seem incredibly similar, yet there are some fairly important distinctions between the two. While layers are used to add volume and dimension, feathered cuts are a bit edgier and manage to add more drama to the overall look.

 They are thus choppier and can be easily texturized. Long curly hairstyles are the best choices for those looking for a mix of drama and femininity. With a strong commitment towards styling, the potential of looking spectacular is extremely high. Focusing on color is one of the simplest ways to keep the style current. Simple color contrasts can add a new dimension to the look without too much effort on a daily basis.

Softening up the hairstyle with a few curls can make the look fun and dramatic or romantic and stylish. A feather cut hairstyle can be easily customized in a multitude of ways for a breath-taking result. A feather cut is as versatile as it is edgy, so before opting for the style, make sure you're ready to allocate enough time on a regular basis to unveil its full potential.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Short Hairstyles Spring Summer 2013

Bob haircuts are amongst the hottest short hairstyles this summer. If you are tired of having a plain long hair or if you want to try a new short haircut, then a sexy bob or a trendy pixie is absolutely the best choice for you.

 These two fabulous hairstyles are extremely versatile, so you can enjoy the dozens of different looks they will provide.

The bob flatters both straight and wavy hair, while a short pixie highlights your delicate face. Play with lengths and colors that suit your features and accentuate your face. Shorter hairstyles will bring texture and excitement into your hair, making you look like a real diva.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Brunette Hairstyles 2013

Brunette shades always find their way in fashion trends every year in one way or the other due to the amazing flexibility of this hair color and the variety of tones that can be obtained and used to take a hairstyle to the next level.

Warm tones and dark tones are both highly appreciated and experimented in an equal manner by those who like to have variety in their hair style but who still prefer to take only moderate risks when it comes to hair coloring, aiming for a convincing, natural look.

 Brunette shades are generally suitable for most complexions being relatively easy to maintain. While most women can get away with a great variety of brunette shades, the results are always superior when factors such as skin tone and undertones and eye color are being included in the process of selection.

2013 Trendy Medium Hairstyles

Mid length hairstyles are always uber popular among women of all ages for various reasons. Being considered a suitable length for pretty all face shapes and being fairly easy to style, a medium hairstyle can be ultra flattering for all ages as long as it is chosen taking various factors into account.

Keeping up with the newest trends in terms of hairstyles is extremely important, especially if you want a modern style. There are several ways in which you can update your look if you feel the need for a change. Layering is perhaps the first option that is generally taken into account as layered hairstyles are uber modern and can provide an instant update without sacrificing hair length.

A few layers can even provide additional styling options that might come in hand. Although chunky, uneven layers might be trendy, due to the fact that they easily provide an edgy look, these might not be a flattering option for all face shapes. Subtle layers on the other hand seem a much better alternative.

2013 Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Fear not if you have no idea how to revitalize your locks. Our selection of the hottest shoulder-length medium hairstyles provides you with numerous options on how to find your beauty identity. Once you've got your fave hairstyle, you'll be able to show off your creative side.

Opt for a low maintenance cut which speaks for your modern attitude towards styling. Make 2013 the year of fabulous beauty updates. Get a brand new hair color and a stylish haircut to combat monotony. Give your locks a new season glam boost with the best sculpting formulas and regular trimming. Layers are perfect for giving hair natural movement and definition.

Heavy layering will create an edgy visual effect. Wear your choppy layers like a real beauty icon: use a little amount of texturizer to breathe life into your flat and thin strands. Furthermore, those who were blessed with thick hair will also benefit from this ultra-versatile hairdressing trend as they'll be able to get rid of bulky texture and frizz. Take a closer look at these professionally inspired haircuts to find out more about your options.

2013 Hairstyles For Women Over 30

Skimming through the myriad of hair styling ideas is such an exciting task. The secret to preserve the glossy and healthy condition of your tresses is to keep in mind the importance of regular trimming. Look ravishing by embracing one of the long hairstyles presented below. Let these salon-perfect haircuts offer you an insight into the evolution of modern hairdressing techniques.

Long locks won't become boring and lifeless if you open your mind to innovation. Play with the natural texture for a more laid-back and relaxed attitude towards styling. However, you can also explore the gorgeous advantages of different styling tools which help you perk up your tresses. With the minimum of fuss you'll be able to achieve an amazing and high-street look. Match the perfect hair part to your face shape and create the impression of perfectly proportionate features.

Take inspiration from the coolest creations of your fave hair gurus and practice what they preach to improve your sculpting skills. Add these glam long hair designs to your wish list and let a pro hair stylist fulfill your greatest beauty prayers by granting you with a new updated do. Go ahead and make a long-term style investment by sticking to one of these stunning hairstyle ideas. See how your strands behave when curled, teased or straightened.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Men's Short Curly Hairstyles 2013

Short hairstyles are the most popular hairstyles among men because of their low maintenance style and because they suit most people's facial features. The hair can be cut at different lengths, depending on each person's preference.

 Some men prefer to have their curly hair cut close to the scalp, a buzz cut, while other men prefer a little bit of length to allow the curls to have a little bit of definition. The hair can be cut the same length or cut shorter on the sides and longer on top. All these are options every person can choose from depending on their personality and style.