Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Short Hairstyles 2013

Okay all you super-trendy fashionistas, are you ready to play around with your styling and push the boundaries of what you would normally try? Well, even though you might think that they are a little bit edgier and rather masculine, in fact, cool tomboy hairstyles are indeed very sassy and classy.

Plus, an androgynous crop allows you to play around and try some chic and hip effects. Oh, and with the party season just around the corner, we bet you want something different and gorgeously elegant. Take a peek at these notice-me-now styles and you'll certainly win the spotlight! Boy oh boy, these tomboy hairstyles will really make you stand out from the crowd! And you can wear them in so many outstanding ways!

Whether you opt for the disheveled or for the smooth, ultra sleek style, a cute tomboy look is always a fantastic choice. Be the ultimate rock chick going for the messy version and you'll be both sexy and feminine yet with a special tough feeling.